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The Most Important
Nutritional Supplement
in the World

We are all human. We each struggle on a personal level, and we can’t overcome everything alone. EMPowerplus was born in desperation. It saved a family, and has now helped generations of people to just feel better. Find out below how it can help you too.

It's not what you take, it's what you absorb.

What does that mean? Watch the video below to find out.


36 Powerful Nutrients

35 Medical Journal Publications

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

23+ Years of Success

Hundreds of Thousands Helped

The Next Generation of Nutrition

Our proprietary Direct-to-Cell (DTC) Technology™ has changed everything. This is what makes Lightning™ fast absorption possible. We are able to make our minerals so small and bioavailable, they feed directly into the cells themselves. No more waiting on the gut and digestive system to inefficiently process nutrients, only to flush most of them out of the body.

EMPowerplus™ vs Lightning™

Are EMPowerplus and Lightning 2 different products? Yes and no.
EMPowerplus is the name of the original formula that started it all. The latest version of it today exists as EMPowerplus Advanced. We also use this name to refer to our family of products that use this formula. Lightning is a part of this family as a variation of EMPowerplus that uses our DTC Technology™ to make it more absorbable and versatile. While EMPowerplus Advanced only exists in capsule form, Lightning allows us to do much more, such as create a sweet nutritional powder that dissolves in the mouth or even add it to powerful skincare products.

Is one better than the other? No!
They both have great benefits that help them to work well together. Some people find Lightning beneficial because it’s easier for children to take it in the form of a Lightning Stick. They also generally feel it’s results much faster, and they like that they can include it in their skincare throughout the day. Some people prefer the capsules of EMPowerplus Advanced, and find that they work better for them over the course of an entire day. There are a lot of people who find that using both provides their perfect balance.

That’s the beauty of it! We are all so different and our bodies have different needs, but we have something for everyone!

Arise & Thrive™

Most companies organize their target audience by gender, age, geography, or some other tangible measurement. The fact is, our products have helped everyone of all ages, male and female, from all over the world! They truly are for everyone. So who is our target audience?

Our target audience is anyone who needs renewal in their life! Whether it’s physical, emotional, or financial, our system and our products have helped. Just as the majestic Phoenix (our logo) rises from its ashes to renew itself, our mission is to help others to do the same. We empower them to EMBRACE our opportunity for renewal and change their life, and the lives of those around them, for good.

If that resonates with you, we invite you to Arise & Thrive with us!