Our Story

Tragedy. Trial. Triumph.

A Family Tragedy

After a hard fought battle with mental illness, Tony Stephan lost his wife. Several of their 9 children struggled with mental health issues as well. Healthcare professionals told Tony it was probable that one of his children would likely suffer the same fate as his mother due to the severity of his symptoms. They offered little hope.


A Possible Solution

After he refused to give up, Tony learned about micronutrient formulations that were used for livestock and began experimenting with combinations for his afflicted children.


Nutritional Breakthrough

Tony’s children, Joseph and Autumn, were the first to receive the new nutrient formula. Both responded quickly and experienced an increase in calm, coping, and mental clarity. They each began incredible healing using only the micronutrients.


EMPowerplus™ is Born

Tony named his micronutrient formula, EMPowerplus, and launched Truehope Nutritional Support for the purpose of assisting individuals who use EMPowerplus for mental wellbeing.


The First Research

Researchers published the first studies on EMPowerplus and new technology allowed the standard dose to be reduced from 32 capsules to 18 capsules a day. EMPowerplus began to draw interest from the scientific community, and more research was soon underway.


Tony Stephan and Scott Malone Unite

Tony Stephan and Scott Malone met for the first time. Scott joined Tony on his mission to spread the hope of EMPowerplus to the world by marketing the product to more people than ever before.


The Formula is Refined

EMPowerplus Advanced was launched, making it more potent than ever and reduced the average dose to 4 capsules a day, which was a revolutionary advancement compared to the original formula.


Lightning™ is Created

New technology was applied to the manufacturing process of EMPowerplus Advanced. The first product using the new Direct-to-Cell™ (DTC) Technology was created and Lightning was born. The possibilities with this powerful supplement suddenly became endless!


Renova Worldwide™ is Launched

Tony and Scott decided that Lightning will reach the most people if shared through a new company. Renova Worldwide was launched with the charge of spreading increased Calm, Coping and Clarity to the world through Lightning and a family of new, innovative products.


Worldwide is in Our Name

Our proprietary Direct-to-Cell™ (DTC) Technology and manufacturing process have opened a world of possibilities. New ground-breaking products are being developed and people are partnering with Renova Worldwide every day on a GLOBAL scale. Join us in our mission to help others renew themselves and live better than ever before!

Arise & Thrive™ with us.