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Susann T.

I RARELY feel or notice a difference the very 1st time I use a new product, but I took my 1st packet this morning, and immediately I felt a difference! I have been (chronically) fatigued for a while now. I had sustained energy throughout the day – and not nervous energy like too much caffeine. It lifted my mood. And that “why did I come into this room?” thing? Literally gone! Neurons firing on ALL cylinders! 


Will A.

I would not be able to manage my stress levels or anything without the help of this supplement. It’s been vital to my success and really supported me through a lot.


Sue H.

I have been using Renova Lightning Sticks for 2 weeks now, and they are the best supplement ever; the results are very fast, and I feel amazing. I can from experience recommend them.


Stephanie C.

For several years I just felt a thick, heavy mental fog. Within two weeks, I felt 90 percent better! I felt free; I felt more clarity mentally; I felt like I could concentrate and even just process information as people were talking with me. I cannot say enough good things about this supplement.

Backed By Science

Our proprietary formula is the most researched micronutrient formula in the world, boasting over $30 million in independent research (no funding from Renova) conducted at 16 universities in 4 countries, including Harvard University. It is also the subject of 35 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals and has been shown to positively impact mood, brain health, and behavior in a variety of conditions.


James J.

It’s simple to understand, easy to take, reasonably priced, and creates significant positive effects physically and mentally!


Cassie S.

I could tell a drastic difference in about 3-5 days. I can focus so much better. My relationship is saved. When situations are thrown at me, I handle them in a completely different way. I want to feel now because I feel so good!

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Maria W.

These products have changed our lives! We are healthier and happier. Our ability to be calm in stressful situations has increased, [we have] better mental clarity and [and get better] sleep! Everyone is so much more calm, happy, focused, successful at school and work, and peaceful. I love that this company offers tried and true products that have a track record of success. Researched by doctors and universities. Backed by science. 


Johannes M.

The Lightning sticks from Renova Worldwide changed my life completely. After a few days of taking Lightning Sticks, I could fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. I am more focused and concentrated on the job and in training. I don’t need shakes or pills and can take them with me everywhere.

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