Direct-to-Cell™ (DTC) Technology

What is DTC?

Direct-to-Cell™ Technology is our next-gen delivery method that uses the power of enhanced micro-minerals to deliver essential nutrients on the cellular level. We have the only products in the world that undergo this proprietary technology.

  1. Our minerals are 20x smaller than human cells (significantly smaller than any other supplement in the world).
  2. We enhance those minerals in various ways to further increase their bioavailability and potency.

Why is it Needed?

Nutrient-depleted foods and soils combined with higher levels of stress and social pressure are causing people’s bodies to burn micronutrients faster than ever.

For decades, nutritional supplementation hasn’t really changed and micronutrition is needed more than ever. Sure, new drinks and shakes and pills come out all the time, but they’re all the same as ever, just with a new coat of paint. We’re changing the fundamentals of how supplements work.

Honey, We Shrunk

the Minerals

Other supplements supply minerals that are thousands of times larger than the human cell. They are too large for the cells to absorb and are then excreted by the body, without having much of an effect at all.

Our minerals are 20x smaller than the human cell. They are absorbed in their entirety, ensuring maximum cellular nutrition.

The Power of


To increase the effectiveness of the minerals even more, we perform two additional enhancements:

1. We bind vitamins, amino acids, and other essential elements directly to the mineral, forming a single super-nutrient particle.

2. We give the whole particle an electric charge, so it’s attracted to your cells like two magnets are drawn together.


The degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity.

This is the single most important factor of any nutritional supplement, or nutrient for that matter. If a product or ingredient has low bioavailability, then it just passes through the body without having any effect at all. Great supplements claim high levels of bioavailability, but our DTC Technology takes this to a different level altogether.

How Our Advanced Micro-Minerals Work

10 Microns

Average Size of a Human Cell

This is the size of an average human cell. For things to be effectively absorbed and used by the body, they must be smaller than these cells and therefore able to penetrate the outer membrane. If they are too big, think of it like a jumbo jet trying to fly through a train tunnel. Not real effective. The same thing applies to our cells and their ability to absorb nutrients. The smaller the nutrients, the more our cells can absorb and use.

Nearly all nutritional supplements provide minerals that are significantly LARGER than human cells. Our minerals are significantly SMALLER than human cells, and it makes a big difference.

Off-the-Shelf Supplements

These are the supplements that you see in commercials, on the shelf at your local convenience store, and it’s what most people consume. If you’ve ever bought those popular multi-vitamins – you know, the ones that offer a year supply for $20 – that’s what we’re talking about here. These supplements typically supply the lowest-quality minerals. That’s why they’re so cheap!

Minerals of this size are approximately 400x larger than human cells by volume! These minerals pass right through the body and out the digestive tract. Can you eat something that’s 400x larger than yourself? You can’t. So, how can you expect your body to absorb such massive particles? 

74 Microns

37 Microns

"High-Tech" Supplements

“High-tech” supplements are often found in specialized companies who promote unique technology from “global leaders in chelation.” These minerals are usually about half the diameter of the off-the-shelf brands. They’re certainly better, but still roughly 200x larger than human cells by volume.

These supplements are often expensive (or very expensive) and really can make a difference for those that take them. But, how can they have an impact if they’re still so relatively large? Dust. You’re body is essentially absorbing the dust from these mineral particles, which if in a great enough quantity, can be beneficial. We would know, because this was EMPowerplus nearly 10 years ago.

Our DTC Minerals

Our Direct-to-Cell™ minerals are, on average, less than .5 microns in diameter. That’s roughly 400,000x SMALLER THAN MINERALS IN THOSE EXPENSIVE, “HIGH-TECH” NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS!

These minerals are incomprehensibly small, and that’s just how our bodies like it. Combine this science with our proprietary chelation technology (more on this below) and the results are unparalleled.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that your body is able to actually benefit from the nutrients you are giving it.

.5 Microns

Surface Area

Remember the surface dust from those “high-tech” supplements above? While human cells can’t take in the whole mineral, they do take off a tiny amount of surface dust, similar to taking tiny bites out of a giant apple, except, unlike an apple the way many nutrients are set up don’t allow your cells to continue taking bites of that apple until it’s gone. This surface area is so critical because it is what directly interacts with the cell. The more mineral surface area, the more mineral is going towards critical cellular function.

Since about 400,000 of our enhanced minerals take up the same space as a single “high-tech” mineral, your cells have access to way more mineral surface area. Sticking with our metaphor above, this would be the same as your cells being able to eat the entire apple in one bite. Calculating and comparing surface area is complex because minerals aren’t perfect spheres, but we can get pretty close. Enhanced mineral clusters contain roughly 54x more surface area than the next best thing out there! That’s 54x more mineral that each cell is getting exposed to. Think that makes a difference? YES IT DOES.

What you take doesn't matter, it's what you absorb.

Electronegative Compounding

Electricity is all around us, even inside our bodies. This electricity is what runs through the central nervous system, connecting the brain and the body. This leads to thought, feeling, movement, and action. As is commonly understood, a positive charge is attracted to a negative charge (and repels a fellow positive charge). If you have ever played with magnets, you know what we are talking about.

We apply a negative charge to our enhanced minerals. This negative charge means they are attracted to human cells like a magnet, further increasing their bioavailability. We also use this charge to bind the minerals to companion supplements, increasing the amount of nutrition that is delivered at the cellular level.

Companion Bonding

Through the use of our proprietary biopolymer compounding technology, we are able to increase the bioavailability of ingredients that are normally poorly absorbed.

Using electronegative compounding, poorly absorbed ingredients are bound to highly bioavailable minerals. These bonds are designed to then break down at the cellular level, further delivering even more nutrition directly to the cells.