Team Backoffice Status

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We are constantly working to improve your Team Backoffice! In an effort to keep everyone informed of ongoing development issues and timelines as they arise, we will be updating this page with important updates, new features, and issues in various stages of development. Check back often for the latest information!

Today (new)

  • 12/2 – Snapshot Released – Representatives can now launch Snapshot by hovering over any member in your genealogy tree and clicking on the Snapshot button. You can also launch it by clicking on any member’s name/bubble. Enjoy!
  • 12/1 – Dashboard Weekly date range issues – We are aware of a bug that’s preventing a weekly date range selection in the Business Summary Information -> Fast Start box, along with the same issue in the Estimated Earnings section of the Dashboard. We expect the issue to be fixed today. – FIXED!
  • 11/28 – Snapshot coming soon! – We’ve been working on a detailed view of your downline Representatives on your My Genealogy page that will be launched next week. With this view you will have a very comprehensive snapshot of each team member’s current activity and status. We’re in final development/testing, and expect the feature to be released during the 1st week of December.
  • 11/16 – The Historical Dashboard has been released. You can now view previous period data for the Business Summary Information & Estimated Earnings sections. Enjoy!

Known Issues (in process)

Known Issues (pending)

  • ReportsSorting & Search features don’t return results – Many of the reports on the Dashboard and various other pages with sort & search features enabled do not currently return any results (they don’t work!).

Known Issues (Fixed)

  • 11/19 – Team Subscriptions Report – is not currently reporting results due to pending historical changes made to the database. We expect this issue to be resolved by Monday 11/16. Sorry for the inconvenience while we grow! – FIXED!
  • 11/1 – Phoenix Rewards Display – The 3 monthly display features are missing! We have deployed a group of bots to go find them, and when found, we will return them to their rightful place on the Dashboard! – FIXED!
  • 10/13 – Preferred Customer Rewards – Rewards not available even though qualified. – FIXED! We are currently updating all affected  Customer accounts. We estimate completion of that process tomorrow 10/14 in the early afternoon, and the rewards will be available to redeem at that time. Our apologies for the inconvenience!
    UPDATE 10/15 – The update is now complete! The missing PC Rewards have been fixed, and the correct consecutive months with an order updated.
  • 10/9 – Invalid enroller entered in checkout – Invalid entries in checkout for who referred you? causing errors in member creation. FIXED!
  • 10/2 – Updated 8:30am – Post Release bugs – We’re aware and working on several bugs that were created when we released v2.5 earlier today. The affected display & features we are working to fix are:

    1. Dashboard – The Bus. Summary Info (BSI) reports won’t launch. The icons are inactive. FIXED
    2. Dashboard – The Rank Advancement Tool is not displaying content/details. FIXED
    3. Dashboard – The BSI text in the individual sections is displaying in black instead of white. FIXED
    4. Volume & Commission processes not updating on schedule. FIXED!
    5. Shopping – Some EMPowerplus options & Subscribe & Save options do not display prices. FIXED
    6. Menu Display – The top menu on some pages is displaying narrow and distorted. FIXED
    7. My Commissions Page – Reports do not load when the page does. FIXED

  • Shipping – Local Pickup in Idaho – Currently there is no option for those within 50 miles of the distribution centers in Idaho to select either Local Pickup or paid shipping options if they wish. – FIXED!
  • 9/22 – Pack Products – can be added to the cart without options being selected, causing pricing issues. RESOLVED!
  • 9/15 – Bulk/Dynamic pricing is not being applied when increasing quantities on Subscription orders after module update. Regular ordering through checkout is working correctly, so until fixed, you can purchase at the bulk price by completing checkout. We are treating this as an urgent issue, and expect it to be resolved quickly. – 9/17 – RESOLVED!
  • 9/8 – The Commission Period History report has been removed from the Dashboard. It can now be found on your My Reports page.
  • 9/7 – Genealogy Subscription PV discrepancy – A discrepancy between Scheduled Order total PV and what was being reported on the Genealogy page hover view when bulk pricing is involved has been fixed – RESOLVED!
  • 9/7 – Genealogy Subscription PV discrepancy – A discrepancy between Scheduled Order total PV and what was being reported on the Genealogy page hover view when bulk pricing is involved has been fixed – RESOLVED!
  • 9/5 – Page Share icon displays over main menu on Phone devices – We are aware that some phones are displaying the page Share icon on top of the main menu, and expect to have this issue resolved approx. – RESOLVED!

Feature Development (new stuff!)

  • 10/28 – Volume now updates every 30 minutes – We have adjusted the volume update process to run every 30 minutes rather than each 15 to better synchronize the Estimated Earnings & Business Summary Information (BSI) sections.
  • 10/16 – Dashboard – RenovaWallet – New Unclaimed Balance feature – You will now see your account balance on the Dashboard if you have created your account. It displays below the Login to RenovaWallet button, and is the amount you have not yet transferred.
  • 10/9 – Dashboard – Update status added to Estimated Earnings – We have added an “Updating…” status in both the weekly & monthly Estimated Earning section that will display while the data is being updated. We will also be adding similar statuses to the first column of the Business Summary Information section.
  • 10/7 – Downline Ranks Report – A new report is now available on your My Reports page that gives you Rank & Volume details for all Representatives in your downline (Genealogy).
  • 9/7 – Manage Rewards buttons – have been added to the Phoenix Loyalty Program sections on both the Representative & Customer Dashboards. – RELEASED!
  • Rewards – Add to next subscription orderReleased 8/21 – Allows you to either add an available reward to your next subscription order (1-time), or add it to your cart for normal checkout.
  • New Enrollment Process – A new enrollment process (wizard) is currently in development that will greatly improve the user experience and help you grow your business. Release is tentatively scheduled for early September, and we will update you with further details! 
  •  SMS/Text Integration – We are currently developing the capability to send texts and alerts from the Team Backoffice on various events, eg. sharing a page via text, or alerting you via text when someone enrolls on your team! We will update you on details as work progresses!