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EMPowerplus™ Video Series

Part 1: Overview and Mineral Size

This series is a deep dive into the science and technology behind EMPowerplus. It is the first time this depth of information has ever been released! The EMPowerplus™ formula has been a world leader ever since its creation over 20 years ago, and now our new enhanced minerals take it to the next level with Lightning™. Learn all the juicy details in this 5-part video series!

Part 2: Surface Area

Part 3: Electronegative Compounding

Part 4: Metabolic Pathway Engineering

Part 5: Multi-Function Components


Opportunity Video

A 10-minute video that discusses the history of our products, the future of Renova Worldwide, and the tremendous opportunity that is available to all. Use this as an excellent way to introduce the company to new prospects, whether they just want product or they want to transform their lives!

Team Office Tutorials

How to Manage Your Subscription

Managing your monthly subscription has never been so easy! In this video you will learn how to set up, manage, or delete your subscription. A powerful feature is the ability to have multiple active Subscriptions, just in case you want one product monthly, and a different product every other month.

Dashboard, Videos Page, FAQs, Document Library

The Dashboard puts a lot of information right at your fingertips! By becoming familiar with it, you will gain a greater understanding of your team and how to grow it. This video will give you an overview of the dashboard as well the FAQ page and the Document Library.

How to Enroll a New Team Member

Enrolling a new Team Member is as easy as shopping on your Replicated Website! This video will discuss that and another way you are able to enroll people through your Team Office.

Compensation Plan

Prosperity Compensation Plan Overview

This video will give you an overview of the entire Prosperity Compensation Plan. Use it to increase your own knowledge of the plan, as well as explain it to others. You can also find this video on our YouTube page HERE. For additional explanation of the plan, use the links below to view the full comp plan document as well as the summary document.

Full Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Summary

Phoenix Loyalty Program

Team Rewards Program

Retail Sales Profit

Customer Sales Bonus

Fast Start Sales Bonus

Unilevel Team Commissions