September Product of the Month: reNEW Golden Serum

“Yummy” is the best word to describe what my skin says every time I use this product!

Novapūr™ reNEW Golden Serum is unlike anything else on the market today. It feels so good when you use it, and it is a moisturizing powerhouse!

What is the Golden Serum? 

reNEW Golden Serum is our breakthrough blend of Healthy Oils. Add in some Hyaluronic Acid along with our very own Lightning Total Complex™ with 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and this serum is truly a “golden” treasure, to be sure! When it comes to the ingredients we use, we consider everything from how they’re sourced and prepared to their effects on the body. If we can’t check off these requirements as clean, safe, and beneficial, then we don’t use them. Our skin absorbs not unlike our brain and gut, so we often ask ourselves, “Would it be healthy and beneficial if we ate this ingredient?” If the answer is no, then we don’t put it on the body.

My first question was, “What is hyaluronic acid?” You might ask that as well… Here’s what you need to know.

“Acid” may be the last thing you want to put on your dry parched face, but hyaluronic acid isn’t that kind of acid. It doesn’t burn like alpha or beta hydroxy acids (which work to exfoliate your skin). Hyaluronic acid, or H.A., is a substance that occurs naturally in your joints, eyes, and yes, skin. Basically, H.A. serves as a big drink of water for your face, softening fine lines, making skin look firmer, and smoothing out even the roughest dry patches. It also plumps and adds volume to your skin cells to make your skin more radiant and smooth. Jessica Weiser, M.D., a dermatologist at New York Dermatology Group says, “H.A. is also a popular ingredient for facial fillers. We use hyaluronic acid fillers to replace volume, create lift, and make the contours of the face more youthful.” Who doesn’t want to look more youthful and have great skin?

Why do we need this delicious Golden Serum?

The high concentrations of hyaluronic acid draw moisture to the skin all day long. We take supplements for our organs, but what about our skin? EMPowerplus™ Lightning is our world-renowned blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and now you get some every time you use the Golden Serum! The Lightning Total Complex™ is micro-encapsulated to prevent these nutrients from degrading until they are applied and rubbed into your skin, resulting in healthy, youthful-looking skin. All these incredible ingredients work together to deliver a powerhouse of targeted hydration and nutrition for your skin.

These powerful ingredients work to:

  • Tighten the Skin
  • Plump Fine Lines
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Nourish and Protect

 How best to use Novapur reNEW Golden Serum?

  • Living in a dry climate, I apply this “yummy” Golden Serum abundantly, especially after I come back from being in humid areas and my skin just shrivels up in the heat. It helps bring moisture back to my skin!
  • I like the flexibility of being able to apply the Golden Serum after I clean my face before bedtime or at the beginning of the day! It feels so good all day or all night long.
  • The H.A. inside the Golden Serum absorbs so much better if you don’t have a layer of dead skin cells sitting on the surface, so we have reNEW All-In-One to help prepare the skin for this delicious buffet of nutrition and hydration. I like to exfoliate with the reNEW All-in-One and then apply the serum and then the reNEW Moisturizer.

What will your skin say when you try reNEW Golden Serum?

 Take the challenge and see if your skin doesn’t say, “Thank you! This Golden Serum feels delicious,” and you might even hear it say the word ”yummy” when you try it, too! It truly is INCREDIBLE!

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