Silgenic Restore Gel

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Silgenic™ Restore Gel is a powerful hydrogel that promotes natural healing for the skin. Use it to cool and soothe irritated areas or as a great addition to your daily routine to help protect and beautify your skin.

Silgenic is powered by SilverSol Technology which has been shown to be up to 10x more effective than products containing up to 3,000 ppm silver by independent studies.

All Natural | Unscented | Non-Stinging | BPA-Free

Safe for All Ages


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5 reviews for Silgenic Restore Gel

  1. Esther Komnik

    Tryouts and see the results, best for cleaning your hands , protect for bacteria and viruses

  2. W.O.W. Incorporated (verified owner)

    I love to eat off my silver-ware utensils to get my silver mineral intake while sitting down to a meal, but when I can’t, it’s great to carry a tube of Silgenic gel to rub on my fingers where ever I decide to “lick” my fingers clean after eating breakfast, lunch or dinner with my on-the-go style snacks

  3. Expand Enterprises (verified owner)

    I have been using this product on persistent skin sores that have resisted multiple salves and lotions, but which now seem less inflamed and nearly invisible. Very effective product for the low price!

  4. Luanasadowski

    I love this product! I always have some in my purse, our vehicles, first aid kits, and medicine cabinet. It is awesome as an antibacterial ointment. My teenagers also use it to help manage breakouts. With warmer weather around the corner, I’m so grateful Silgenic Restore Gel will be there to offer relief to skin that has been slapped, rather than kissed, by the sun! Grandma J

  5. Martin Green (verified owner)

    If you or someone you know gets cold sores, like me…. This is the best product to help get rid of them. They clear up fast without all the bad things that come from cold sores…. apply as often as you can. I apply a little bit right on the cold sore about once an hour and with a couple of days they are scabbed over. Sometimes my wife doesn’t even know I have had one. You do need to apply at the first sign(tingle that its coming on) LOVE IT!!!!!

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Directions: Apply generously to skin as needed to help promote natural healing.

Ingredients: 24PPM Patented Silver Solution (deionized water, silver), TEA, Carbomer