Detox Pack

Enjoy a savings of $20.21 through the month of January to ring in the New Year with our new Detox Pack!

This group of products is the perfect combination for supporting your body through healthy detoxification. 

Designed to CLEANSE the blood, DETOXIFY the body, and BOOST the immune system, CellularTEA will be the backbone of your detoxification. Follow up with Prosper and EMPowerplus, the most important nutritional supplement in the world, to give your brain, body, and gut the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy, balanced life. 

All-Natural | Organic Herbs | Sugar-Free



Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A
EMPowerplus Option

Banana – Lightning, Methylated – Capsule, Regular – Capsule, Sour Berry – Lightning, Tropical Punch – Lightning, Tropical Punch Methylated – Lightning


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