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reNEW All-in-One

“Best eye-makeup/mascara remover as a gas-permeable contact lens wearer EVER! I never have residue left in my eyeballs or washing into my eyelids the next morning after sleeping without cosmetics on my face all night. Eight products ALL-in-ONE with a 9th to add to my nightly routine of savings from other branded products on the market. One tube is all I have now by my vanity sink.”

– W.O.W. Incorporated

Silgenic™ Restore Gel

“Tryout and see the results, best for cleaning your hands, protect for bacteria and viruses.”

– Esther K.

“I love this product! I always have some in my purse, our vehicles, first aid kits, and medicine cabinet. It is awesome as an antibacterial ointment. My teenagers also use it to help manage breakouts. With warmer weather around the corner, I’m so grateful Silgenic Restore Gel will be there to offer relief to skin that has been slapped, rather than kissed, by the sun! ;)”

– Grandma J.

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