October Rank Advancement Challenge!

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Rank Advancement Challenge

For the month of October, all Advocate ranks and above will receive a special one-time bonus. This bonus will only be paid to those who achieve a qualifying Rank that is HIGHER THAN THEIR RANK IN SEPTEMBER and will be included in the regular monthly commissions. The bonus is equivalent to 10% of the Rank’s required Team Volume. The chart below explains how it works:

Use the new information and product announcements from RenovaCon in your efforts to build your team and advance in Rank. Remember, you also benefit from the advancement of your team members, so help them out as well! If you have any questions or need anything from us here at Corporate, we are happy to help. Please reach out to us!

Find your current pay rank and highest rank achieved at the bottom left of your Team Office Dashboard. For the specific requirements to achieve your next Rank, please reference the Comp Plan documents found in the Document Library of your Team Office. If you have further questions, please reach out to your upline or our support team. We are eager to help set you up for success!