Notice of Updates to our Legal Docs

Renova Worldwide strives for the highest quality and excellence in all we do, especially in our interactions with you, our Representatives. We understand you are crucial to realizing our goals and fulfilling our mission to help and bless others! To that end, we have updated the legal documents that govern our interactions.

Here is a link to the Policies & Procedures. They have also been uploaded to your Document Library in your Team Office along with the Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These latter documents are also available in the Footer on the website.


A summary highlighting the changes is listed below. It is provided for your convenience, is not all-inclusive, and is for informational purposes only. Continued use of our site and products demonstrates consent. As a Representative, you are responsible for reviewing and agreeing to abide by the updated documents.



Following is a listing of the Sections in the updated Policies & Procedures highlighting changes compared with the current Policies & Procedures:

Section 1 – Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement is now included in P&P

Section 2 – Introduction

  • Expanded purpose for Agreement and Policies and Procedures.
  • Change in the effective date of amendments.
  • “Delays” removed
  • Added “Company Use of Information”

Section 3 – Becoming a Representative

  • Change to the age requirement
  • Membership Fee criteria specific to residents of North Dakota
  • Change to methods whereby Representative Application and Agreement must be submitted.

Section 4 – Operating a Renova Business

  • Changes to the creation of marketing materials
  • Availability of approved original marketing materials to other Representatives
  • Definition of materials under trademark and copyright and additional requirements for use
  • Change in how/if “Renova” can be used
  • Change to interactions with media and media inquiries
  • More specific directives about marketing do’s and don’ts
  • Changes to policies regarding website creation and use
  • Social media requirements and restrictions
  • Team websites for Silver Advocates and above
  • Additional requirements for Business Entity’s desiring to become Representatives
  • Changes to requirements when discussing Compensation Plan
  • Income Disclosure Statement requirements
  • Military Installation policies & procedures
  • Changes regarding Trade Shows, Expositions, and Other Sales Forums
  • Additional requirements regarding Conflict of Interest
  • Information about business insurance
  • Changes regarding conducting business in Unauthorized Countries
  • Change to number of Representatives permitted per household
  • Establishment of genealogy for multiple household members
  • Changes to terms of Sale, Transfer, or Assignment of Renova Business
  • Changes to Telemarketing Techniques

Section 5 – Responsibilities of Representatives

  • Changes to “Ongoing Training” requirements of Enrollers

Section 6 – Sales Requirements

  • No significant changes

Section 7 – Bonuses and Commissions

  • Changes to Adjustments for Returned Products
  • Changes to check policy

Section 8 – Product Guarantees, Returns, and Inventory Repurchase

  • Additions to return policy
  • Additions to obligations to customers regarding rights
  • Additions to Return Policy Upon Termination

Section 9 – Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Proceedings

  • Changes to Mediation
  • Additions to Arbitration

Section 10 – Payments

  • No significant changes

Section 11 – Inactivity, Reclassification, and Termination

  • Changes related to termination
  • Addition of maternity section

Section 12 – Definitions

  • Clarification to Active Volume
  • Some additional definitions added
  • Some definitions moved solely to Comp Plan

New Forms *Available in Document Library in Team Office

  • Representative Application and Agreement (Online)
  • Social Media Webpage Request Form*
  • Team Website Registration Application and Agreement*
  • Business Entity Registration Form (Online)
  • Maternity Waiver Form*
  • Deployment Waiver Form*


Here is a summary of the changes to the Website Terms of Use:

  • More clearly applies to the Corporate and replicated websites
  • Expanded to include terms and conditions governing use and/or purchase of products and services
  • Expanded to include information about becoming a Representative
  • Inclusion of Customer Guarantee
  • Applicable Markets defined
  • Addition of and/or Details re:
    • Subscription Orders
    • Returns
    • Confidentiality
    • Linking
    • Public Forums and Communication
    • Code of Conduct
    • Children
    • Export Control
  • Change in Governing Jurisdiction and Venue
  • Addition of Limitation of Action


RENOVA WORLDWIDE PRIVACY POLICY (Effective December 2, 2020)

Here is a summary of the changes to the Privacy Policy:

  • Addition of and/or Details re:
    • Children’s Privacy
    • Tools used in conjunction with Cookies
    • Device Information
    • Communications from Us
    • Text Messaging

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email, text (208) 537-2706, or call (866) 217-5806.