New Enrollment Process!

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You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re excited to introduce you to the new way people can enroll on your team. The enrollment process is now more powerful and intuitive thanks to the efforts of our Development Team.

People wishing to become a Representative on your team simply follow your referral link to get to your replicated website and click the green Join Now button. They are then shown the options and the benefits of each (Retail Customer, Preferred Customer, Representative). Once they choose to Enroll Now as a Representative, they are guided through the process with the Enrollment Wizard. This process has been simplified into 4 easy steps. The bottom of the screen shows some tips and tricks to ensure the enrollee is getting the best deal. This new wizard as also significantly reduced the margin for error. Simply follow the steps! It’s that easy.

We are excited to offer this improved user experience for your prospective team members. As always, we invite any and all feedback: Call (866) 217-5806, Text (208) 537-2706, or Email