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How do I know if I need the Methylated products?

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Some individuals have a somewhat rare MTHFR genetic variant which inhibits or prohibits their bodies ability to function as desired and may contribute to a myriad of health concerns. The methylated forms of our products were created to benefit those individuals. In our experience, EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced works best in those who struggle with depression or whose bodies don’t methylate properly. In some cases it may also be beneficial during pregnancy or for those experiencing postpartum issues. We have found that it can cause hyperactivity or other symptoms of over-methylation in those experiencing anxiety disorders or bipolar disorder. Typically, we recommend individuals start with non-methylated products if they don’t know they have the MTHFR genetic variant. If they don’t experience the desired results, it might be an indication that they would benefit from the methylated version of our products. Contact Customer Support at (866) 217-5806 if you have any questions.