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What if a Rep/Customer does not have an enroller?

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If the person indicates they do NOT have anyone who referred them

  1. logout of admin account and go to and enroll them

OR if the person who referred them is not a Rep.

  1. Logout of admin account and go to and enroll them
  2. Note that in their file and if their desired enroller is a customer, reach out to them and follow script below.
  3. If they would like to upgrade to a Rep, upgrade them and then change enroller to them
  4. If they would not like to upgrade, enroll them under their upline.

Script:  “Hi, we wanted to reach out and thank you for sharing our product with others. We’ve had people reach out to us let us know that you referred them to our products. We looked into your account and see that you are a customer, if you are interested in becoming a Representative to earn commissions and know more about the benefits of doing so please give us a call at 866-217-5806, text us at 208537-2706, or email at”

see How can I change a Rep/Customers Enroller?

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