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What do we do with Orphans?

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  • We need to reach out to Orphans to get their enroller. The sheet to track this progress is in General>Reports>RenovaOrphans.
    • Step 1: Check if they are still an orphan, if they are not cross them out and move on
    • Step 2: Call/ customer and follow script:
      • Script: We wanted to thank you for your recent purchase! You can look forward to receiving your product soon, if you haven’t already. Most of our business comes from referrals and our records don’t indicate you were referred by anyone. Did you have someone that referred you? Thanks again for your order. Have a great day!
    • Step 3: If they had someone that referred them, update that in Customer Service (see How to Change Enroller)
    • Step 4: If they were a Rep, we need to place them on the first level of who we enrolled them under(see How to Place)
    • Step 5: Fill out sheet with any updated info

*See What if a Rep/Customer does not have an enroller?

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