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Protocol when requests are made in shipping slack

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Respond confirming it has been done, send tracking for new order if applicable


Slack the NameOrder NumberSales Order Number and instructions when communicating in Shipping channel.


If instructions are multi-part, Shipping is to acknowledge when the first part is done, aka, checkmark and reply in Thread: Issued RMA. If a product is Shipped, reply in Thread with the Tracking Number so CS can forward to the customer and note in WP.


When product is returned, Shipping is to search Shipping channel to know how to complete the initial instructions. Once done, aka, product restocked, Ben is to reply in the Thread so CS can note in WP.


Every item in Shipping channel is to be addressed daily. If something has not been resolved, reply in Thread with explanation. (Everyone: Consider using the Reminder function by clicking the lightning bolt icon in the bottom, left-hand corner of a message in Slack to ensure things get addressed in a timely manner.)


If CS adds something to Shipping channel that needs to be addressed today, talk to whomever is filling orders to make sure they are aware as Slack isn’t accessed constantly when fulfilling orders.

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