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How to create a Return Lable

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  1. Search in NetSuite>I.F.(item fulfillment)
  2. Package>Copy Tracking Number
  3. Go to Endicia> Paste tracking number>History>Search Prints>Past 30 days(or whatever is applicable)
  4. Check Box>Create Return Label.
  5. Enter the correct weight, service, and for the RMA memo, put the order number/SO.
  6. Email to with Subject: Customer Name and Order Number
  7. Open Email>Download your Prepaid Return Label> Right-click “Print” or Ctrl+P> Save as PDF> File name Customer Name+Order#>Save
  8. Create Email> Use template Return Label>attach PDF Label>send from Support
  9. File in Return Label Folder
  10. Note in the account that you sent RMA if it has not been noted already.
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