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How do I update an address on an order?

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    1. Go to Orders and search order
    2. If it is still processing, click on order 
    3. Click the edit pencil on the right hand side of the shipping address
    4. Click blue Update button on far right
    5. Once it has updated, click on the blue Click Here button to update to Netsuite
    6. If the order has been completed, slack Alisha the new address and she will update it if it has not been shipped yet.
    7. Under “Orders” search order#.
    8. Open Order in “Edit Order” page.
    9. Click on the pencil icon next to the shipping address.
    10. Enter new address information.
    11. Click “Update.”
    12. Verify address was updated.
    13. “Click Here” to update the order in NetSuite.
    14. Verify update.
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