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How do I refund?

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Go to Word Press>Orders

  1. Search order number
  2. Scroll down and click ‘Refund’ and enter the amount for each products, shipping, and/or tax
  3. Check the box Restock refunded items if they need to be be restocked
  4. If it says ‘Refund through the Gateway’ or anything other than manually, refund it
  5. If it says ‘Refund Manually’ click it and let James know the name and amount and he will do it on his end

Doing this is WP it will not sync to NS for shipping to see.

  1. Slack shipping with name, order number, and SO and update (cancelled DNS, partial refund, etc.)

Note in WP


Look for notification from AvaTax whenever refunds are issued. When you see this one, Slack Jennifer the Name, Order, SO so she can update Avalara.

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