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How do I get a coupon to adjust the price?

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If an order or subscription are not showing the correct bulk discount, we can get a coupon made to get the correct price. Slack Mallary with the:

  1. first and last name of who is ordering
  2. whether it is an order or subscription
  3. cart total
  4. total wholesale price of order
  5. discount being applied

How to configure how much coupon should be:

  1. Get the total of the wholesale price of all items
  2. Take total and multiply it by the bulk pricing percentage that is applicable(see below)
  3. Subtract the percentage off of the total and that will equal the correct bulk price that needs to be charged
  4. Take the cart total and substract the total from step 3 and that will be the amount the coupon needs to be made for.


  1. Quantity / Coupon Code
    1. 3-5 / 10%
    2. 6-8 / 15%
    3. 9-11 / 20%
    4. 12+ / 25%
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