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How do I do an exchange?

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Shipping will notify Customer Service(Jen or Mallary) to create an in-store credit coupon.

  1. once the coupon is created, there is an email template to enter the code and amount they receive to send to their email.
  2. If they gave you permission to place new order for them and charge card for shipping, you can do so using the coupon and you do not need to send email.


  1. Find the order in WP
  2. Click on Refund and select all items (regardless if there are correct items on it. you will place a new order with all the correct and desired products. Unless it has partially been shipped, then only do products left)
  3. Zero out all amounts listed so the total refund amount displays as 0.00.
  4. Enter Reason for Refund: Exchange and used funds on new order
  5. Click Refund Manually(because we are not actually refunding money, just doing this to restock)
  6. Change the order to Canceled and click Click Here to update Order on NetSuite
  7. Slack Shipping to Close the Order and DNS.
  8. Slack Mallary or Jen to create a coupon for the amount they paid
  9. Then apply it to the new order(apply freeshipping coupon too if needed)
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