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How do I consolidate multiple or duplicate accounts?

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  1. Identify which account they would like to keep(which email is their primary email?) note the username.
  2. Go to the account(s) that they are not keeping and go to Orders.
  3. Write the number down for each order if there are multiple.
  4. Go to Customer Service>Order Admin and enter the new order number in
  5. Click on the order number in the dropdown that appears.
  6. Enter username of the account to which you are transferring the order.
  7. Click on the username from the dropdown.
  8. Select Order Type as what the Current type shows(ie if it says preferred select preferred from the drop down. If it says retail select retail. If it says Rep select Rep)
  9. Check the Reprocess box if you are able to.
  10. Click update
  11. Slack James the other account(s) info and he will delete them. (this is actually deleting accounts. Not terminating. James can delete duplicate accounts so there is no confusion)
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