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Full Return Process

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Return Process

  • Customer Service
      1. Get as much information from the Customer as possible. If they want a refund(only if it’s within 30 days), exchange(anytime) and pay for shipping, or an in-store credit(anytime). If they choose to do an exchange, get permission to charge the card on file to pay for shipping and make a note of it in their account so we can complete the exchange without contacting them again. If someone calls with an issue with their order, be sure to confirm they did indeed order what they say they did before Slacking Shipping.
      2. Confirm email on the account is the email they want the label to be sent to
      3. Let the Customer know that the email with the label will be sent shortly. Once the label is printed, they have 30 days before the label is expired.
      4. Slack the NameOrder NumberSales Order Number, instructions, products returning, and email. Shipping will create a return label and send it to their email.
  • Shipping
      1. Once you have been notified of a return label, Issue Return Label following these steps.
        1. Search in NetSuite>I.F.(item fulfillment)
        2. Package>Copy Tracking Number
        3. Go to Endicia> Paste tracking number>History>Search Prints>Past 30 days(or whatever is applicable)
        4. Check Box>Create Return Label.
        5. Enter the correct weight, service, and RMA memo put the order number.
        6. Email to with Subject: Customer Name and Order Number
        7. Open Email>Download your Prepaid Return Label> Right-click “Print”> Save as PDF> File name Customer Name+Order#>Save
        8. Create Email> Use template Return Label>attache PDF Label>send from Support
        9. File in Return Label Folder 
      2. If instructions are multi-part, Shipping is to acknowledge when the first part is done, aka, checkmark and reply in Thread: Issued RMA. If a product is Shipped, reply in Thread with the Tracking Number so CS can forward to the customer and note in WP.
  • Shipping
      1. When product is returned, Shipping is to search Shipping channel to know how to complete the initial instructions. Once done, aka, product restocked, reply in the Thread so CS can note in WP.
      2. When we receive the RMA/Return
        1. In NetSuite, search the order and click on the SO(sales order)
        2. Authorize Return> Save
        3. RMA> Receive>Click restock box if you wish to restock items
        4. Slack the Shipping Channel letting CS know to handle the returned product and check notes on their account 
  • Customer Service
      1. Once you have been notified of a return
        1. Check account notes and follow through with instructions
        2. Instructions for each option are listed below: Exchange, Refund, In-Store Credit
          1. Exchange
            1. If they previously gave permission to place a new order in their account(for exchanged items) for them, do it by using a coupon(to get a coupon, slack Mallary or Jen to create one) to cover the cost. Charge their card just for shipping.
            2. If they did not, reach out to them and let them know we received the return and place a new order with a coupon(to get a coupon, slack Mallary or Jen to create one) to cover the cost and they pay to ship for the exchange. 
          2. Refund
            1. Go to Word Press>Orders
            2. Search order number
            3. Scroll down and click ‘Refund’ and enter the amount for each product, shipping, and/or tax
            4. Check the box Restock refunded items if they need to be restocked
            5. If it says ‘Refund through the Gateway’ or anything other than manually, refund it
            6. If it says ‘Refund Manually’ click it and let James know the name and amount and he will do it on his end
            7. The customer will receive an email with notice of refund
          3. In-Store Credit
            1. Create a coupon(to get a coupon, slack Mallary or Jen to create one).
            2. Once the coupon is created, there is an email template to enter the code and amount they receive to send to their email for them to use at a future date
  • Customer Service
    1. Once Return has been completed
      1. Note in the customer’s account 


Every item in Shipping channel is to be addressed daily. If something has not been resolved, reply in Thread with explanation. (Everyone: Consider using the Reminder function by clicking the lightning bolt icon in the bottom, left-hand corner of a message in Slack to ensure things get addressed in a timely manner.)


If CS adds something to Shipping channel that needs to be addressed today, talk to whomever is filling orders to make sure they are aware as Slack isn’t accessed constantly when fulfilling orders.

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