What's with the Blue Label?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many disruptions in the global supply chain. We have done our best to maneuver these challenges to continue to provide you with life-changing products. Unfortunately, the original product has been delayed due to external disruptions that are beyond our own control. Despite this, we were determined to provide this amazing immune-supporting product. We managed to find a partner who could supply us with the silver solution, which comes with some bad news and some good news.

The bad news.
We are unable to use our own branding on the product due to labeling restrictions.

The good news.
This is still Silgenic™ Nano-Silver, powered by SilverSol Technology™! On top of that, it’s 30 PPM, meaning it’s 3x as powerful as our original 10 PPM that was originally announced, and 16 FL OZ, which is twice as big!