Powerful Hydration.
Superior Nutrition.

  • Direct-to-Cell™ Technology – The Power of Minerals!
  • Increased Calm, Coping, & Clarity™
  • 36 Micronutrients – Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Plant Extracts, and Electrolytes
  • Guilt Free – Zero Calories and Zero Sugar – Tastes Great!
  • Convenient, Single-Serving Sticks for On-the-Go Nutrition

Direct-to-Cell™ Technology

Micro-sized minerals that are 20x smaller than human cells, making them much more absorbable by your body! No one else has these tiny minerals.

Our minerals are charged so that they’re electrically attracted to your cells. Then we bind other ingredients to them so they can hitch a cellular ride!

This results in the best bioavailability and effectiveness of any supplement! Nearly 100% of what you take is absorbed and used by your body.

One Stick. 36 Essentials.

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    Hydro Sticks

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Here Are a Few Things People Are Experiencing...

Better Sleep
More Energy
Improved Focus
Less Inflammation
Better Drive
More Mental Clarity

Less Brain Fog
Better Ability to Cope
Less Stress
More Productive
Stronger Hair and Nails
Increased Sense of Calm

I love the taste of raspberry flavored vitamins & minerals with my morning wake-me-up routine. My four young school-aged children love it too as an after-school refreshing drink before playing outside in warm or cool weather days for delicious tasting water-bottled hydration.

Verified Customer

This product has made hydrating something I look forward to. The raspberry flavor is really delicious. I enjoy sipping it throughout the day and it doesn’t bloat me. Plus, it delivers all the other health and energy benefits of [the] Lightning formula. Best way I’ve found to get my daily nutrition.

Verified Customer

I love providing my children with a healthy drink instead of sugar and chemical laden sodas. It’s a great pick me up in the afternoon, instead of junk food. So yummy and refreshing.

Verified Customer

The Hydro Sticks are the best compliment for a summer afternoon refresher. Because of the balanced micronutrients and the electrolytes, this restores and refreshes me after working outside in the garden and/or exercising. The raspberry flavor is brilliant and adding it to a morning smoothie does the trick, too!

Verified Customer

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Our Bodies Are Starving for Nutrition

Why does the supplement market grow year over year, but the number of people with their nutritional needs met continues to decline? 

The short answer: Most supplements don’t work! 

Our mission is to close that gap. To prove that a better way exists. To get there, our philosophy is simple, give your body the nutrients it needs in a form it can actually use and let it handle the rest. 

Our proprietary Direct-to-Cell™ Technology is the game-changer. By taking Hydro Sticks, you can be confident you are receiving powerful hydration and best-in-class bioavailability that you can be sure your body is making the most of.