The brain weighs 2 pounds but uses 20-50% of our daily nutrient intake. It is responsible for controlling essential functions, such as breathing and heartbeat. It also controls our actions, emotions, and memory. Nutrient deficiencies or an inability to extract vital nutrients from food often manifest as physical and mental health challenges.

We strive to produce an essential product lineup to help support the brain and body by providing them with the nutrients they truly need. The following products support and may enhance overall mental and physical health.

Bioavailability is the single most crucial factor of any nutritional supplement. If a product has low bioavailability, then it will pass through the body without having any effect. While many other supplements claim high levels of bioavailability, we take it to an unparalleled level. Renova Worldwide holds exclusive rights to advanced technology that makes our micronutrients more bioavailable than any other supplement on the market!

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