August Product of the Month: reNEW All-in-One

Wow! I LOVE my skin! It feels & looks so healthy and smooth. Can skin really glow?  I feel like mine does now after using my new favorite skincare product…Novapūr reNEW All-in-One! 

What is reNEW All-in-One?  The formulator of All-in-One has taken 8 different skincare steps and simplified them into one amazing product!  It gently exfoliates, gets rid of toxins, oils, make-up & regular dirt and grime, cleanses, primes, tones, hydrates, brightens, minimizes pores & my favorite…it’s age-defying.

What is so special about Novapūr’s reNEW All-in-One?  It’s our secret ingredient….that’s right don’t tell other skin products but we added an EMPowerplus Lightning Stick to our formula and it’s made all the difference!!  Our skin is the largest organ in the body and now we have a way to help nourish the skin through transdermal absorption of vitamins & minerals with a lightning stick in every bottle! Nutrition inside and outside the body! That’s what I call genius! 

Along with the secret ingredient, Novapūr All-in-One combines the best new science with carefully selected formulations of clean, unique, plant-based ingredients essential to restoring the skin’s natural balance for total radiant health. 

Ingredients: Mangosteen-infused Water, Aloe Vera, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid SLMW, M20 Hydration Complex, 1,2 Propanediol, Lightning Mineral Complex, Behentrimonium Chloride, Carbomer, Cetrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol.

Who can use this skin magic?

  • Any and All Ages
  • Any and All Skin Types
  • Any and All Weather & Seasons
  • Any and All Phases of Life

Anyone who wants to cleanse, heal, provide nourishment to and restore their skin to its natural healthy beauty.  Give your skin what it needs (especially after being in the hot summer weather) & watch your skin improve every day until you too have radiant, smooth beautiful skin. It’s truly amazing what it can do!

What does the daily routine look like & what other uses are there for reNEW All-in-one? 

General instructions include shaking, applying a marble-sized amount to the face and neck, let it sit for a minute & begin the gentle circular rubbing motions to lift and remove all the oils, dirt, toxins & residual products from your pores in the skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Other uses for reNEW All-in-One include, but aren’t limited to, these ideas: 

*I tailor mine to exfoliating & cleansing as usual with the All-in-One, then I use a combo – I moisturize with the Novapūr reNEW Moisturizer and then pat small amounts of the All-in-One around my eyes and forehead for a mat finish and my skin is cleaned, primed, protected and ready for the day. 

  • After make-up apply All-in-One to oily parts of your face.
  • After bee stings – apply to the area and take away the swelling and pain.
  • After sweating at those sports games – apply to feet or in shoes to take away smells and create a protective barrier.
  • Help with athlete’s foot by applying directly to feet.
  • Can be applied to underarms to help control perspiration.
  • Help with sunburn by applying after sun and leaving on- reapply as needed to heal.
  • Help with ALL skin challenges on the face or all parts of the body put on the affected area and leave overnight for the healing nutrition to work its magic.
  • Create a healthy barrier sealing your skin from your cell phone and other environmental toxins as you use All-in-One as a primer and toner.
  • Put on bug bites, minor scrapes, ulcers, cold sores, inflamed acne, and many more uses. All-in-One is an anti-inflammatory and brilliantly self regulates giving your skin the moisture and nutrition it needs to heal and look and feel smooth as ever.

The great thing about reNEW All-in-One is it’s gentle enough to use every day & packs a powerful punch of healthy nutrition to your skin! There are so many ways to use this genius formulation. Part of the fun is to explore and find your own unique favorite.

Being a collector of all things that work I am thrilled to discover the Novapūr nutrient-infused personal care brand by Renova Worldwide. Novapūr has incredible products that complement and complete the skincare package. This includes the must-have…reNEW All-in-One, the Moisturizer, Golden Serum, Revitalizing Body Lotion, and Vegan Lip Balm. Every one of them is a vital part of my skincare needs! Get out and try them all!

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