A Thunderous Family

You could say we are a Thunder-ous family! Not because we get loud or cause a raucous. It is just cool the different ways we each benefit from Renova Worldwide’s Thunder

Great Start to My Day: I love the smell of coffee. I always have. You can Google and find articles about anything. Some say it is bad for you, others say it is good for you. I think it’s cool that Thunder has EMPowerplus that scientists and researchers have proven are good for you. About six months ago I changed my diet because I was feeling lousy and heavier than I’ve ever been. One of the recommendations was eliminating coffee. I replaced it with Thunder. I didn’t experience withdrawals, I love how I feel, and I like knowing I’m doing something good for my health.

Hitting the Trails: I take a Thunder for a nice boost before hitting the foothills. It helps me get going and I love that there is no crash-at least from the Thunder. 😉 It also helps with clarity and focus, which are important when mountain biking.

Oh, My Aching Head: I don’t know the science behind it or if it is just an old wives’ tale, but I’ve heard caffeine helps with headaches. I don’t usually do caffeine, but when I had a headache coming on—especially a really intense one—I would reach for a soda. My son recommended I try a Thunder instead. I was hesitant because I don’t like energy drinks, but he assured me it would not cause jitters and has only good stuff in it. I tried it and was happy to find it helped as much or more than the soda did. It is now my go-to when I have a headache, which thankfully isn’t very often.

Mom Life: Like most women, I wear lots of hats: wife, mother, employee to name a few. Tomorrow’s meeting doesn’t care about last night’s lack of sleep because I was up with a sick child or helping with a science project. I love how Thunder helps me feel and function like I got a good night’s sleep even when I didn’t.

Dancing the Night Away: I thrive on the energy of the nightlife. Dancing and having drinks with friends rejuvenates me. Sometimes we literally dance the night away. My sister said she heard Thunder might help with hangovers–something about the caffeine and the vitamins. I ordered some and they do help.

Growing Brains: I have two teenagers at home. Their friends always seem to have energy drinks when they come over to hang out. It makes me sad when I think of all those nasty chemicals assaulting their growing brains, so I keep Thunder on hand to share so they know there are healthier options.

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